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The team is a group of friends with technical skills and creative mood that love motorcycles.


Our Process

Choose  Model

Advise you to choose the model that satisfy your needs.

Design Options

Colors and  Accessories

Offer you design options and cost forecast.

Choose with you colors and new accessories

Test ride

 Set up the new moto for test ride before final painting.


Unique Moto 

  Make the last tuning

Deliver your unique moto that fooling love for ever

Policy:  Our job is to make beautiful unique motorcycles. Left the original geometry, electronic & electricity system in order to maintain your bike at any official service dealer. 


A collection of motorcycles we've renovated with passion


 Our Philosophy

Customization gives a new life on timeless Motor sole...


Find Us

Garage @  Nea Filadelfia , Athens, Greece 


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