About Us


Our Mission

Through the prestige of old motorcycles we make machines as beautiful, elegant, fun to ride and high tech as the motorcycles of your dreams.


Our Goal

Is to make our customers smile and enjoy themselves when they see and drive our machines.


Why Us?

We will do everything possible to customise and personalise a motorcycle to your needs, we will spend hours designing and researching until the outcome is perfect, as you dreamed of. We love what we do, and you will understand this,once you meet us! Even your old or vintage motorcycle should not be scrapped and we are here to resurrect her, give her new life, custom parts and your personal style

The customizing culture is rising and we are happy to be part of this!

Our Team

Skillful mechanics and certified engineers are ready to discuss about your dream project bike, guide you through the selection of accessories and mods, so you could ride and enjoy your most unique motorcycle.


Chris is always ready to hear your needs and desires, to give you the best solution for your special project after many hours of researching and studying. Every time will come up with a new idea, and be sure, he will surprise you with his knowledge and skills on electrics and electronics. Perfectionism is his way of living.


Antonis is the guy that will make steel take any shape and any curve you could imagine. A certified mechanic,with lots of experience in the field and skills in welding, 3d cad design and metalworking of top tier. You will see him with an angle grinder or the tig welder creating pieces of art, that’s for sure.


Fotis our third member is the one who will take apart, clean, check, overhaul, and reassemble everything as it is described on the manufacturer’s manual. He is putting every bit of his experience to fine tune your suspension and everything. He really gets angry when you don’t ride your bike, so watch out.